Kharrune Darkflight


My name is Kharrune Darkflight. I am a tall (6’ 8”) Dragonborn weighing alittle over 300lbs and am about 20. I have dark purple almost to the point of being black (effectivly I look black but when I move you can see the purple). I wear leather armour and a black cloak with silver and purple trim and carry a sickle.


Kharrune is the only sun of Shresaadi and Kevdak. My mother is a skilled Ranger. She was not part of the original adventuring group. She was actually head scout and guide for the town I grew up in. She occasionally traveled with my father but it was fairly rare. My father is a warlord and party leader for the old group. While my father was away on an adventure I was born. He returned several years later with my adoptive sister Vatra. He refused to allow the party to leave an infant to die or to kill the inoccent for the sins of her parents. I grew up quickly and always felt like her big brother. I always felt the need to protect her and got into numerous fights with other children who picked on her or feared her. I very quickly learned to distract and divert these bullies to other things or very quickly diffuse any trouble Heather caused. My parents were honorable, loyal and virtuous and instilled many of these traits into me. One of the things they told me was to always look after Vatra and keep her out of trouble. They told me very little about her past. They just said that she was adopted on our fathers adventures to help guide and protect her.

Kharrune Darkflight

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