Session 3

2 Eleasis 1480 DR, The Year of Deep Water Drifting 

After defeating the white dragon our adventuring group returned to the surface and discovered the portal had returned. Once they entered the portal, Willam was able to enter the door that he wanted to when they first stepped through the portal. Upon entering the door the party found a large room with a table full of food and, in a bed nearby, their friend and Vatra's brother, Kharunne. Tending to Kharunne was Billis a servant of The Viscount of Havoc. Kharunne advised the party that he completed the quest he was on and ran into Maedar Bleth on his way to Westgate who said he would send Kharunne to his friends. Kharrune was set upon by white-haired, white-skinned humanoids he could not identify, and was unable to say what happened to Maedar, as he awoke in bed here, wherever here is. At the same time that Kharunne was explaining his arrival, the group also spoke with Billis who informed them that the structure they were in was the only way to get to Havoc where they needed to go. Billis could not, or would not explain much. The room had two staircases leading up and to the same place. A massive room with ornate walls, where the crystals (keys) that Raedra was collecting were placed. She moved to the open spot on the wall and placed the latest crystal (key) there. At once a new section of blank wall changed to reveal places for more crystals. The party also found that the structure seemed to be floating in the air above liquid hot magma! While the rest of the adventures rested, Kharunne explored the structure and a new portal opened which the entire party, including Kharunne entered to get the next key. The portal led to mountainous area with a spiral staircase leading up a cliff-face. On the stairway, the battered corpse of a human man was found, an ominous sign.  Once our heroes took the staircase they were attacked by a group of Orcs and fire breathing beetles. The party defeated the dark creatures and moved further into this labyrinth, and came across a large group of Orcs, two of which were very powerful. After a long battle our heroes dispatched the Orcs.  Raedra barred the door with the handle of a great-axe while the group tended their wounds.  In the room the Orcs came from was another doorway, from which a purple light had twice flashed, similar to the red light they had seen prior to confronting the dragon.


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