Session 1 - A political problem...

>1 Eleasis 1480 DR, The Year of Deep Water Drifting

Vatra, Gregory and Willam returned to the Black Eye tavern to find the place deserted except for a bar maid and one patron.  Dressed in finery which he wore with casual ease, Maedar Bleth waited for their arrival at a table and offered them some drinks.  Maedar said he had a job to offer their parents, but with them gone from town, he'd offer the same chance to Vatra and the D'Mulnar brothers.

His brother had a an unofficial job offer for them, and Maedar was to take the group to him if they were amenable. We accepted and were taken in his coach to pick up our gear at our inn. We were then taken to Jaundamicar Bleth's (his brother) palatial estate. At that point we were brought to an audience chamber and were made the offer of a job. 500 gold …..250 up front 250 upon completion.

The job was to find a girl …..Raedra, a foreign noblewoman whose presence in (or worse, disappearance from) Westgate would be a problem for the Bleths.  So, the job was to remove her from Westgate and its environs, and, if we so choose, return her to Cormyr. We were then brought to a room with chanting casters who opened a gate to another place. We saw a tree line of unfamiliar trees present.  Gregory noticed that distances looked off but could not figure out exactly why. After we stepped trough the gate it closed and we found ourselves in a room with a door and another open portal where we saw the unfamiliar trees and also a passing shadow which looked human with a possible pony tail.  We stepped through… I mean where else could we go…….

Once the three of us exited the portal we found ourselves standing in a wooded area with some formed up and readied for combat kobolds. After a battle  in which Willam went right and Vadra and Gregory went straight. ( maybe we’ll figure out how to work together sooner or later). During the battle a young woman came out from the woods, her dark brown hair bound in a pony tail which streamed behind her as she charged one of the kobolds while weilding a longsword which glowed with a rose hue. The battle was successful and all the new adventurers remained alive  but…….to be continued<


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