Session 3

2 Eleasis 1480 DR, The Year of Deep Water Drifting 

After defeating the white dragon our adventuring group returned to the surface and discovered the portal had returned. Once they entered the portal, Willam was able to enter the door that he wanted to when they first stepped through the portal. Upon entering the door the party found a large room with a table full of food and, in a bed nearby, their friend and Vatra's brother, Kharunne. Tending to Kharunne was Billis a servant of The Viscount of Havoc. Kharunne advised the party that he completed the quest he was on and ran into Maedar Bleth on his way to Westgate who said he would send Kharunne to his friends. Kharrune was set upon by white-haired, white-skinned humanoids he could not identify, and was unable to say what happened to Maedar, as he awoke in bed here, wherever here is. At the same time that Kharunne was explaining his arrival, the group also spoke with Billis who informed them that the structure they were in was the only way to get to Havoc where they needed to go. Billis could not, or would not explain much. The room had two staircases leading up and to the same place. A massive room with ornate walls, where the crystals (keys) that Raedra was collecting were placed. She moved to the open spot on the wall and placed the latest crystal (key) there. At once a new section of blank wall changed to reveal places for more crystals. The party also found that the structure seemed to be floating in the air above liquid hot magma! While the rest of the adventures rested, Kharunne explored the structure and a new portal opened which the entire party, including Kharunne entered to get the next key. The portal led to mountainous area with a spiral staircase leading up a cliff-face. On the stairway, the battered corpse of a human man was found, an ominous sign.  Once our heroes took the staircase they were attacked by a group of Orcs and fire breathing beetles. The party defeated the dark creatures and moved further into this labyrinth, and came across a large group of Orcs, two of which were very powerful. After a long battle our heroes dispatched the Orcs.  Raedra barred the door with the handle of a great-axe while the group tended their wounds.  In the room the Orcs came from was another doorway, from which a purple light had twice flashed, similar to the red light they had seen prior to confronting the dragon.

Session 2
Now THAT'S something you don't see every day.


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Session 1 - A political problem...

>1 Eleasis 1480 DR, The Year of Deep Water Drifting

Vatra, Gregory and Willam returned to the Black Eye tavern to find the place deserted except for a bar maid and one patron.  Dressed in finery which he wore with casual ease, Maedar Bleth waited for their arrival at a table and offered them some drinks.  Maedar said he had a job to offer their parents, but with them gone from town, he'd offer the same chance to Vatra and the D'Mulnar brothers.

His brother had a an unofficial job offer for them, and Maedar was to take the group to him if they were amenable. We accepted and were taken in his coach to pick up our gear at our inn. We were then taken to Jaundamicar Bleth's (his brother) palatial estate. At that point we were brought to an audience chamber and were made the offer of a job. 500 gold …..250 up front 250 upon completion.

The job was to find a girl …..Raedra, a foreign noblewoman whose presence in (or worse, disappearance from) Westgate would be a problem for the Bleths.  So, the job was to remove her from Westgate and its environs, and, if we so choose, return her to Cormyr. We were then brought to a room with chanting casters who opened a gate to another place. We saw a tree line of unfamiliar trees present.  Gregory noticed that distances looked off but could not figure out exactly why. After we stepped trough the gate it closed and we found ourselves in a room with a door and another open portal where we saw the unfamiliar trees and also a passing shadow which looked human with a possible pony tail.  We stepped through… I mean where else could we go…….

Once the three of us exited the portal we found ourselves standing in a wooded area with some formed up and readied for combat kobolds. After a battle  in which Willam went right and Vadra and Gregory went straight. ( maybe we’ll figure out how to work together sooner or later). During the battle a young woman came out from the woods, her dark brown hair bound in a pony tail which streamed behind her as she charged one of the kobolds while weilding a longsword which glowed with a rose hue. The battle was successful and all the new adventurers remained alive  but…….to be continued<

Cut Scene #1 - Kharrune Darkflight

1 Eleasis 1480 DR, The Year of Deep Water Drifting

 Kharrune hesitated for only a moment, deeply breathing the warm summer air, before beginning his climb.  Leaving his clothing at the bottom of the hill, he began chanting as he ascended.  He held no fear of a fall, even on this moonless night.  His father had always told him that when destiny presented itself, you must confront it boldly.  He knew would never be the swordsman and commander his father is and had been, but even Kharrune knew the lure of destiny.

It was well his father’s command for the past six years was far from Djared Thymar, as Kharrune’s career in the Lance Defenders would likely have been an embarrassment to his father’s legacy. Though no dragonborn of Tymather is weak, Kharrune’s true strength did not lie in his arms.  Besides, other paths led to destiny’s door than those carved with sword and shield.

In one black-scaled hand, he held the ritual scrolls.  Even without any light, the words danced before his eyes as he intoned each distinctly, imploringly. His other hand held a short, twisted metal rod, which pointed straight ahead toward a purple star on the northeastern horizon.  Kharrune had learned its name through his countless hours of preparation for this moment.  Caiphon: a guide star, but a betrayer to those who followed it blindly.

Though the scrolls themselves did not name the star, the pull of the strange rod toward it assuaged any doubts he may have held.  He and his foster-sister, Vatra, found the scrolls in a ruined town on the shores of the Sea of Fallen Stars, near their home.  It must have been a small port in the old human nation of Unther. The scrolls themselves could not be more than fifty years old, but the words … the words were beyond time itself. 

He crested the hill, and stepped into the circle of stones and silver-dust he had prepared before sunset.  Kharrune laid the scrolls out in what he had determined to be the proper order, carefully placing small stones on the corner of each page to hold them in their appointed place. 

If he were honest with himself, he had to admit it was more his own curiosity than Vatra’s incessant goading which led him to teach himself Deep Speech, the language the scrolls were written in.  His parents were so busy with their respective duties that it was easy to hide his studies, though until this moment he hadn’t realized he had been doing just that. 

            His chanting reached a crescendo as he drove the base of the rod into the dirt in the center of the four scroll pages.  The metal of the twisted implement was strange to the touch.  Though it appeared to be sleek, dark metal, it felt as though thousands of tiny bumps covered its surface, each a facet of an infinitesimal, endlessly precious gem.  Finding a rod of this Fell Iron, as the alchemist in the city had called it, was impossible in his homeland.  When his father told him that he’d be coming along to Westgate this year, Kharrune’s preparations had begun in earnest, for they said anything was to be had in Westgate, for the right price.  They were right, and once the rod was his, he had the last component he needed.

            The purple star now appeared to pulse as with each word of the ritual.  With each syllable, he opened the door in his mind to the entity beyond the horizon.  His words welcomed it to tap into his consciousness, but only in exchange for its secrets.  He would be a conduit to this world, in exchange for power to guide and control the world.  A touch upon his mind, feather-light and staggeringly strong at once, caused his body to tense, and his back to arch.  Kharrune felt nothing of what became of his flesh, as a seemingly slumbering consciousness awoke in his mind, and its secrets began to spill out.  Overwhelmed, he fell backwards in the circle, as the four scrolls began to burn with a soft purple radiance.

            Kharrune dreamt of impossible bridges spanning time and horrors unnamable.  From a pitch black perch he somehow looked down upon the world in its entirety, when he suddenly hurtled earthward.  He saw his parents as they were last night, at dinner in a dingy tavern that his father wouldn’t normally be caught dead in.  His father’s human friends seemed just as comfortable eating and drinking in such squalor, though their children appeared equally surprised as Kharrune and Vatra at the apparent location of all these meetings which his father embarked on every Shieldmeet.  As he tried to stand, the other patrons of the bar and the old bartender all seemed to melt in before his eyes and he watched with horror as twisted shapes arose from their bodies.  The others at his table ate and drank without noticing.  The faceless, shambling things seemed to solidify as he watched, taking on metal bodies that he knew in an instant were made of the Fell Iron and with a single, glowing purple eye above a mouth of razors bordering mind-shattering blackness within.  As they closed around him, his family and their friends, he felt himself unable to move, to act, to say a word.

            Kharrune awoke, sweating in the night beneath a crescent moon on the hill outside Westgate.  The scrolls were gone, and the ground was charred where they had lain.  His mind was afire with the secrets of his new benefactor. He bent to retrieve the rod from the ground and turned to the northeast to glimpse Caiphon.  The star seemed to wink briefly, and then was gone.  In that moment, he knew the first betrayal of Caiphon – he still looked to where it had sat on the horizon, but knew whatever secrets he had obtained in following purple star’s light, he knew in his bones that they were not those of Caiphon.  He shivered as he stared around the vastness of the Faerunan sky… what had he let into his mind?


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